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Twisted Twigs

Twisted Twigs is a teeny earthen witchy shop located in downtown Anderson, Indiana. We’ve made our magical home in a big & beautiful black building full of history. Inside our treasured black building you’ll usually find us Twigs brewing the next new item with our short-tailed black kitty, Vondra. We handcraft each & every oil, tincture, salt, sugar, perfume, cologne potion, vinegar, spell bottle, etc., in-house. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and product base here at Twisted Twigs.

Every crystal & stone baby in our shop gets enormous amounts of care while being showered with love. New arrivals, as well as ordered babies, always get a moon water bath. It is important to us you receive a crystal ready for new adventures but, above all , free of any energy but yours.

Lastly, we welcome custom orders! We would love nothing more than to craft something just for you!

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