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Thursday influences expansion, money, prosperity & generosity.
It’s power color just so happens to be green.
The color of abundance, attraction, business, growth, luck, money & success.
Always remember to set your Thursdays intent towards abundance for yourself & to be mindful of spreading that luck to others.


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  1. Hello Brytneigh & Kinsley!

    I am lost for words, I cant thank you enough for being so kind to me over the phone and email when I was searching for specific stones, bright colors and sizes. I just fell in love with all the stones I received and I couldn’t believe how lovely they were gift wrapped with so much care and detail that was put into each Organza baggie. And to top things off the beautiful hand written note that was included! And with all that I opened a small bag with a note saying you found a stone that I was looking for , my heart just dropped, you are so sweet! I highly recommend this lovely shop!

    Thank you ! 🙂

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