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Those one of a kind Valentine’s bundles ♥


You may or may not have heard, but the Twigs’ girls have created some really impressive bundles for you this Valentine’s day. Treat yourself to the most incredible bath times of your life, or gift those baths to someone you love. Below you will find all the details – pick your love potion & enjoy ♥

In the ladies bundle: $50
You can choose from two scents/themes.
Either Sweet Heart (Lovespell & Jasmine) or Black Heart (blackberry/cranberry spice).

The bundle of your choice will include 
-Herb infused tub tea
-Sugar scrub
-Bubble Bath
-Full size Perfume oil
All handcrafted upon order.

In the men’s bundle: $40
-Salt Soak
-2 full sized cologne potions
-You choose aftershave OR beard oil
All freshly crafted upon order. 

Each bundle will be thoughtfully prepared in a gift bag; entirely ready to pick up and gift away! 

If you’d like to place your order, please message us on Instagram or Facebook or directly through the “contact” link on our website with which bundle you’d like (with your choices) and provide your email address. We will promptly send you an invoice and a confirmation of your order.

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