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While Mercury Naps.

As of yesterday, Mercury has snuggled up for a 2 week nap. Most retrogrades don’t draw my attention as soon as this one did. The effects took hold of me fast & hard just hours after! After the day I’ve had thus far, I thought it might be nice to write about this crazy time.


This curious wonder is one of the few that affects everyone in a fairly uniform way, and the effects are always obvious.
Keeping track of the retrogrades and journaling during this time will bring attention to how events in your life change or get a little more stressful. You’ll then be able to avoid some of the frustrations.

2018 Retrogrades;
March 22 – April 15 (Aries; fire)
July 26 – August 18 (Leo; fire / Scorpio; water)
November 16 – December 6 (Sagittarius; fire / Scorpio; water)


Why do these retrogrades happen you ask? Well, when a planet retrogrades, it is in a resting or sleeping state. While Mercury naps, activities that it governs don’t have the benefit of a well-functioning, awake planet to supervise them.
Mercury rules all types of communication, all formal contracts & agreements, & important documents. When this planet retrogrades, these areas tend to spin a bit out of control.
Think of this time as an instant signal that the wind is changing direction. Something is in flux, but the problem is, everything looks the same. Not seeing this big of a change can certainly throw anyone for a loop.

Each year Mercury will favor one element over another.

Fire: apply new, visionary, & innovative solutions to a problem that comes up.
Fire signs are highly creative & also brave & pioneering – don’t be shy about suggesting a very unusual solution. Fire signs also think on a big, broad scale, so you should think that way when attacking problems.

Water: use your intuition.
Research can be driven by the way questions are asked. If your research says to go one way, but your intuition tells you to reject the research, follow your gut.
Intellect can only get us so far; often our emotional intelligence is more accurate.
When Mercury retrogrades in a water sign, it’s an instant signal to start listening to that small voice within.


An interesting fact for those who were born under a Mercury retrograde… YOU’RE IMMUNE from much of the mayhem! Now, if that is the truth, I’m not sure. I, unfortunately, wasn’t born under a Mercury retrograde & feel most of the negative effects while this planet is sleeping.
Those born under this phase are said to have philosophical & reflective natures that help them think through complex situations with ease.


It can’t all be bad right?! Mercury naps can, in fact, be useful.
Mercury rules anything that begins with “re”: redo, reassess, repair, repeat, revisit.
Instead of chasing a crazy new path, revisit an old one with focused eyes. You might see something you didn’t the first time. Be thorough & perfect your performance.
Sometimes we speed through life without taking in what actually took place right in front of our eyes. Mercury retrograde is a time to stop, look, listen & redirect energies in a productive path.
We can all benefit from taking a closer look at situations with a deeper care. Mercury retrograde periods are like walking through glue, they slow us down. Being slowed down a bit might just be what you need at this moment.

This could be the time you finally organize your files or a neglected closet that you avoid opening at all costs.
Keep your hands busy with something positive to help ease your mind when dealing with the extra stress. You may find lost treasures you’d long forgotten!