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Skinny Bitch is designed to keep your body looking & feelings its best! Apply this amazing blend anywhere you notice a little cellulite or wish to melt those extra pounds. Stop cravings in their tracks by simply taking a whiff. Skinny Bitch is also amazing for bloating & that annoying water weight that doesn’t want to leave.
Remove stress, add a dash of positivity & you’re on your way to feeling fabulous.♥

The Witch’s’ Cupboard:
Handcrafted with all natural essential oils.
Boosts metabolism.
Lower cravings & hunger.
Reduce sugar cravings.
Burns & dissolves fat.
Prevents bloating.
Natural pick-me-up.
Reduces fluid retention.
Breaks down cellulite.

Controls cravings.
Decrease bloating.
Prevents overeating.
When inhaled; triggers a sense of being full.
Increases energy.

Naturally dissolves fat.
Breaks down body fat.
Curb cravings.
Aids overeating.
Breaks up cellulite buildup.
Removes toxins from fat cells.
Reduces fluid retention.

Decreases cortisol (stress hormone)
Fights emotional eating.
Feel less stressed.
Eliminate cellulite.

All natural, organic herbs.
Lemon Balm:
Aids weight loss.
Decrease bloating.
Stress less.

Black Tea:
Boosts energy metabolism.
Prevents weight gain.

Lemon peel.


High-quality healing stone chips.
Gold Tiger’s Eye:
Clears toxins from the body.
Boosts metabolism.

Aids metabolism.

Sealed with all natural Coconut base.

Skinny Bitch comes handcrafted in a 15ml (½ oz) glass roller ball bottle.


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