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Scorpio Zodiac Spell Oil

The Witch’s Cupboard:

Handcrafted with both all-natural essential oils & high-grade essence oils.
She dances in pumpkin patches,
she’s wondering where her perfect match is.
Blackberries darken her lips,
she’ll have you melting down her hips.
Tastes of coffee cake dance on her tongue,
take a bite to feel forever young.
She keeps you dancing on edge,
a dash of black pepper to keep you from the ledge.
Make her wishes smell of patchouli,
a love so seductive, one of tragedy.

Herbs dancing in the background:

Lady’s Mantle keeps her superstitious,
drop black glitter to keep her vicious.
Blood red pomegranate color her stiletto nails,
she digs them in pumpkin dust for more details.
She’ll sweeten up like vanilla bean sugar; she won’t mind you took her.
& a drizzle of coconut oil to seal the deal.

Scorpio Zodiac Spell Oil comes handcrafted in ½ oz. glass Boston round bottles.

Scorpio Zodiac Spell Oil

The Scorpion

October 23 ♥ November 21


Depth. Intensity. Secretive.


Alchemy. Transformation. Truth.


As the nights grow longer & colder, we tend to draw into ourselves & shift away from outer world activities. Recognize the continuing cycle of life as the earth slips into a period of decline & rest. Pull into yourself to explore your innermost depths. Shed things you no longer need, so something new can soon emerge. Allow Scorpio to guide you beyond the mundane & into the extraordinary.

Working with Scorpio energy:

Moon Magic ♥
The Scorpio Moon has a raw, pure energy that makes it perfect for efforts involving sex magic. It also lends itself to magical work involving courage, wishes & accomplishments. Scorpio is also for blessing & consecrating all magical tools.

Sun Magic ♥
While the sun is in Scorpio, intuitions may grow stronger & dreams may provide important insights. Consider divination this month. Scorpio is associated with occult power & hidden realms, so this is a time to engage in all things magic while Scorpio sprinkles its mysterious energy on everything.


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