Sleep Well


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Sleep Well

Our Sleep Well has been crafted for the restless soul. The ones who lay in bed mentally checking off their “to-do” from the day’s past to the three days ahead. Using this gem will send you straight to dreamland without having to entertain that overactive mind.♥

The Witch’s Cupboard:

Handcrafted with all-natural essential oils.
Alleviates mild insomnia.
Natural anxiety remedy.
Calms nervous.
Reduces nightmares.
Helps stress-related conditions.

Natural sedative effect.
Alleviates mild insomnia.
Promotes relaxation.
Aids anxiety.

All-natural, organic herbs.
Chamomile Flowers.

Lavender Buds.

Lemon Balm:
Powerful sedative and relaxant.
Reduce anxiety.
Induce calming effects.
Helps improve cognitive performance.

High-quality healing stone chips.
Promotes restful sleep.
Calms the overactive mind.

Clear Quartz:
Focuses the mind.
Brings the body into balance.

Sealed with all-natural coconut oil.

Sleep Well comes handcrafted in a glass black frosted 10ml rollerball bottle.
*Rollerball is metal for extra comfort & easy application.


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