Skinny Bitch


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Skinny Bitch

Skinny Bitch is designed to keep your body looking & feelings its best!
Apply on problem areas where cellulite or stretch marks won’t disappear.
You can also use this blend to curb cravings while preventing overeating.
Remove stress, add a dash of positivity & you’re on your way to feeling fabulous.

The Witch’s Cupboard:

Handcrafted with all-natural, organic essential oils, herbs & stone chips.

We carefully research each ingredient, making sure this blend is well suited for your needs.
Skinny Bitch has a base of fractionated coconut oil to ensure moisture for your skin.

  • Reduces water retention while preventing extra swelling & bloating.
  • Naturally dissolves fat while breaking down cellulite.
  • Boost metabolism & curb cravings while aiding overindulgence.
  • Fight emotional eating, decrease cortisol (stress hormone) & feel less stressed.
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks while adding skin regenerating properties.

Skinny Bitch comes handcrafted in a 1 oz. glass rollerball bottle.


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