Siren Seduction Tub Tea



Siren Seduction Tub Tea

Siren Seduction Tub Tea will bring the mermaid out in you.
Make your bath time seductive.

The Witch’s Cupboard:
Siren Seduction Tub Tea

Calendula Petals;
Provides antibacterial properties aiding in cleansing the pores as well as soothing acne.
Heals dry & damaged skin, giving it a younger-looking glow.
It also moisturizes while reducing the appearance of old scars.

Rose Petals;
An exotic scent that refreshes while cleansing the skin naturally.
Controls oil as a natural astringent, leaving your skin soft, smooth & supple.
Gently exfoliate the skin, remove dirt, grime as well as dead skin cells.

Fights against sun damage, free radicals & signs of aging.
Improve circulation while tightening the skin.

Lowers stress as well as reduces the level of cortisol.
Also alleviates muscle & joint pain while reducing pain & swelling.

All-natural Sea Salt;
A remedy for aching muscles, the flu, congestion & sinusitis.
Cleanses & draws impurities from the deeper layers of skin.
Helps reduce cellulite appearance while rejuvenating.

All-natural Epsom Salt;
Improves overall health.
Relieves stress while helping reduce the effects of adrenaline.
Aids muscle & nerve function.
Also relieves pain, muscle tension, inflamed joints, headaches & abdominal pain.

Infused with fruity floral high-grade fragrance oil such as bergamot, jasmine & sugary vanilla.

Siren Seduction Tub Tea will come handcrafted in a 16 oz. glass mug with a screw-top lid.
This mug can be reused over & over again for whatever your heart’s desire.


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