Hibiscus Rose |Sugared Butter Brew|



A sweet, sweet treat for your tired and dull skin.

Flower enthusiasts and dragonsblood admirers, meet the lovechild of your favorite sensory pleasures. Step back for a moment and take in the thought of wild hibiscus & rose petals dripping with dragonsblood on a bed of warm, hand-mixed butter brew. Imagination is now a reality!

Organic, fine-grain white sugar begins the process of the twigs’ girls magical haven being filled with an aroma that we simply cannot get enough of.

Rosehips are the fruit of the rose and the most nutrient rich part of the flower (these babies are packed with Vitamin C). Its extract is carefully contrived and in our butter brew, Rosehips offer antioxidant skin protection and an added boost of moisture locking.

It’s no secret that Hibiscus is called the “Botox Plant”! Not only does Hibiscus have a magical reputation for increasing skin elasticity, but it is also used in countless creams, serums, & masks for its uncanny ability to leave skin glowing and even-toned. Also full of miraculous antioxidants, Hibiscus purifies the complexion and moisturizes skin for a soft & supple glow.

Last but not least, only the finest Dragonsblood essence is  drizzled atop our delectable blend of skin-loving scrub butter. This ancient ingredient is a tree sap from the “Sangre de drago” tree. Dragonsblood has been used for centuries as a healing extract and in modern times has been swooned over for it’s apparent skin-plumping abilities. For the Twigs’ girls though, we just know that dragonsblood smells like magic, and we’ll take all we can get.

Use as a lightly exfoliating & skin-drenching scrub or use as a mask by leaving it on for 5 minutes before rubbing in & rinsing away. The choice is yours.

Hibiscus Rose sugared butter brew comes filled to the brim in a 8 oz. glass jar with a black screw-top lid, and while it smells good enough to eat, we can assure you it isn’t. Enjoy this exclusive butter brew from our haven to yours <3


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