Warlock Wonder (Patchouli Oil)

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This is not your average patchouli oil!


Crafted with man in mind, this patchouli oil is both spicy and sultry. Let your senses linger on the oak wood and black peppercorn sprinkled on top of chopped patchouli. This safflower based patchouli oil is then simmered with vanilla and a dash of rosemary. Warlock Wonder contains both carnelian and citrine chips in every bottle, promising both passion and enjoyment while wearing!


Twisted Twigs hand-crafted oils smell the same in every bottle, however they do not necessarily smell the same on every person! Once applied, the oil mixes with your skin and natural aroma which creates your own personal scent. The amazing thing about Warlock Wonder is that it always creates a personalized blend of spicy, fiery, and rugged. Basically: Irresistible.


Warlock Wonder comes in a 1/2 oz. glass vial with a screw top lid and contains essential oils, botanicals, herbs, natural stone and a base oil of Safflower. If you have sensitive skin it is always recommended that you test a small area first; Last but not least, enjoy!


1 review for Warlock Wonder (Patchouli Oil)

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    Romirance Sage (verified owner)

    I anointed myself with this oil while reciting certain love Psalms I’ll say no later than 3 days my boyfriend drove me all the way to his hometown just to meet his mom. With that being said I must say this oil definitely works for gay men as well.

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