Velvet Bones



Be prepared to fall in love as soon as you open a bottle of Velvet Bones. Imagine vanilla-peppered pumpkin pie topped with cinnamon-streusel whipped cream, baked fresh and set upon a bed of your favorite harvest spices, including dragonsblood, arnica, anise, chamomile, and St. John’s wort. Velvet bones is intricately crafted in intimate batches to ensure its seemingly edible perfection! Scrumptious and spiced with precision, Velvet Bones is intriguing and nostalgic, a perfect fall time scent.

Velvet Bones is a blend from our exclusive Fall collection that can be savored all year long. Used as a perfume, anointing oil, or simmered in a warmer, it will kindle your senses of brisk fall days and the home-baked pies that money just can’t buy. Velvet Bones comes in a 1/2 oz. glass vial with a screw top lid and contains essential oils, botanicals, herbs, and a base oil of Safflower. If you have sensitive skin it is always recommended that you test a small area first; Last but not least, enjoy!

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