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Summer’s Ghost

Summer's Ghost

An elaborately unique blend to celebrate the summer’s end.

Summer’s Ghost was hand-crafted with every intention of a painless and uncomplicated transition into Fall & wouldn’t you know it, Winter. This oil works wonders when we are facing fewer warm days & the natural world is changing all around us.

Drops of dewy orange and cool pine are the baseline, offering both the zest of the final harvest and the chilly breeze still yet to come. A bewildering blend of oatmeal & Red Clover is drizzled in, insisting on comfort in times of transition. Penny Royal, Elderflower and Strawberry Leaf steep like a sun tea in Summer’s Ghost, offering relaxation, acceptance, and a bit of resilience.

The Twigs’ girls know that preparing for change is no joke – so we’ve added in bits of Topaz for a little extra love & vibrancy. We know that Topaz harnesses its energy from the sun which will come in handy on those cold, dark days. Strawberry Quartz is both courageous and calming – a stone that knows a good deal about transition. These stone chips help to bring a balance between two sides and can also help in “lightening up” your mood.

Yes, the Twigs’ are no stranger to a difficult cold-weather transition & that’s why we hand-crafted Summer’s Ghost. Just remember – while the leave waver & fall, the branches are still growing all along.

  • Dress/anoint spell candles
  • Warm over a candle or electric warmer
  • Use as a magical perfume/on pulse points
  • Burn over a charcoal with herbs
  • Use in spell work to your hearts content
 1/2 ounce


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