Spicy & sweet dance together in the Twigs’ one & only charred dragonsblood oil. Infused with ancient dragonsblood resin, Night Queen & Myrrh and garnished with fresh cherry blossoms & red rose, your senses will be set ablaze and ignited with a fiery passion!

The Slay recipe was intricately pieced together and she was vivaciously hand-crafted during the full moon in Sagittarius – a time of restless energy, fluid motion, & spontaneity – making Slay a hot-blooded little potion equipped for stormy skies.

Each bottle rattles with generous chunks of garnet & carnelian, bestowing a little extra energy & vitality which each use. Dragonsblood alone is extremely powerful & potent – long-studied herbal alchemists dote on it’s protection abilities. Carrying it with you is said it offer protection to your person while keeping it in your windowsills or burning it throughout your home is said to aid in protection of your safe space.


Slay oil comes packaged in a 1/2 Oz. red glass vial with parchment paper label, screw-top cap with red wax poured on top to seal in the magic. Contains organic coconut oil, and might contain essential & essence oils, resins, flowers, herbs, botanicals and crystals.
Our oils can be used for dressing spell candles, anointing crystals, electric/candle warmers, drops can be added to herbal blends and it can even be rubbed into mojo/spell bags; the possibilities are endless! Our oils can also be used as a magickal perfume and for ritual anointing, but if you have skin sensitivities it is always recommended to test on a small area before  using a larger amount as these oils do contain herbs, flowers, & essential oils.

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