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Persephone is the Goddess of the Underworld, Springtime, Flowers and Vegetation. Some may have considered her a beautiful and naïve young goddess but there was always more than met the eye with Persephone. Legend holds it that she spent half of the year above ground, frolicking through lavender fields, helping vegetation to prosper, while other half she spent in the underworld with Hades, being perpetually tied to him after eating pomegranate seeds. Persephone was a lover of life that never missed out on the opportunity to stop and smell roses.

In her honor we’ve crafted the florally stimulating Persephone Spell Oil. Crafted during the waning moon with wild crafted herbs, crystals, resins and essence oils including Jasmine, Hibiscus, Heather, Calendula, Lavender, Grapefruit, Life Everlasting and Peridot, this blend is quite literally springtime in a glass vial. Persephone Spell oil is a lovely addition to your personal spell workings in love and laughter, forgiveness, healthier eating and living, “sweetening up” spells, minimizing mischief, and garden and vegetation growth. Persephone is also a good oil to warm during times of great heaviness, as her intention is to bring happiness in times of stress and sorrow; to enjoy the moments given to us.

Persephone oil comes packaged in a 1/2 ounce clear, glass vial with screw top cap and a parchment paper label. Our base oil is Coconut oil with essential and essence oils, resins, flowers, herbs, botanicals and crystals in every blend.

Our spell oils can be used for “dressing” spell candles, anointing crystals, electric/candle warmers, drops can be added to herbal blends and it can even be rubbed onto mojo/spell bags; the possibilities are endless! The oils can also be used as a magickal perfume and for ritual anointing, but if you have skin sensitivities it is always recommended to test on a small area before using a larger amount as the oils do contain herbs, flowers and essential and essence oils.


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