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Moonchild Oil


This celestial blend of organic herbs, resins, crystals and essence oils is handcrafted only during the full moon. Crushed Butterfly, Jasmine, Ladies Mantle, Moonstone, Sage, Copal Oro and Spearmint combine with hints of Ylang Ylang and Vanilla to produce our ever-entrancing Moonchild Spell oil. Use this oil in your personal spell workings involving playfulness, sweet dreaming, exuding positivity, welcoming newness and unfamiliarity into your life, and rolling with the punches as the sand does the high tides. There is something seductive about the moonchild at heart.

This oil comes packaged in a 1/2 ounce clear, glass vial with screw top cap and a parchment paper label. Our base oil is Coconut oil with essential and essence oils, resins, flowers, herbs, botanicals and crystals in every blend.

Our spell oils can be used for “dressing” spell candles, anointing crystals, electric/candle warmers, drops can be added to herbal blends and it can even be rubbed onto mojo/spell bags; the possibilities are endless! The oils can also be used as a magickal perfume and for ritual anointing, but if you have skin sensitivities it is always recommended to test on a small area before using a larger amount as the oils do contain herbs, flowers and essential and essence oils.


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