*For Mystifying minds & Aberrant hearts*


Heresy first & foremost is a grounding oil – but with a twist.

This is the lavender limeade of spell oils – an exotic blend of lavender buds & organic lemon peel & lime zest are the
first notes that will reach deeply into your senses and awaken you from the inside-out. Witches grass, chamomile,
& Lemon Verbena will thereafter tug on your soul- bringing you back down and g·r·o·u·n·d·i·n·g you here on mother Earth.


Drops of organic green tea, Earl Grey & the ever-beguiling vanilla oleoresin simply smolder in this citrusy brew.
We couldn’t help ourselves but to spill in a couple of secret earth-bound fixings for that extra pull. Last but not least,
to absolutely ensure that all bases have been covered, we’ve adorned each vial with chips of Black Tourmaline & Blue Kyanite.
If your head is in the clouds and you can’t seem to come down, Herey is for you. If you simply don’t have the time to plant your
feet in the warm grass, plant Heresy on your altar to ground you evermore.

Heresy comes in a ½ glass vial with a screw top lid & parchment paper label. Heresy contains essentials & essences, botanicals, flowers, resins, herbs & natural crystals with a base of organic coconut.
Our oils can be used for dressing spell candles, anointing crystals, electric/candle warmers, drops can be added to herbal blends and it can even be rubbed into mojo/spell bags; the possibilities are endless! Our oils can also be used as a magickal perfume and for ritual anointing, but if you have skin sensitivities it is always recommended to test on a small area before  using a larger amount as these oils do contain herbs, flowers, & essential oils. Last but not least, enjoy!


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