Verve & Vigor Oil

Flirtatiously floral and fabulously fruit-juicy, Desdemona is exactly what we need for feminine verve & vigor. Desdemona is one of the more complex oils we’ve crafted up and is simply PACKED with vigor-inducing herbs, botanicals and essential oils which strike our senses to induce feminine zest & pep.

Within its beauty you will find citruses of Lemon & Bergamot; floral notes of Jasmine, Rose, Amaranth, Blue Lotus, Lilac & Hibiscus, along with some super-secret & hard to come by crushed petals and bulb dust! Raspberry, Black Cherry & Lovespell bring the juiciest, fruitiest sweet undertones to an already luscious blend. You will find chips of Morganite (power & self-love), Amazonite(Self-discipline & emotional stability), Red Coral(Energy & Positivity) & Amber(Healing & good vibes) for an added boost of vigorous assistance in every single vial.

Desdemona is intended for those who are lacking in energy & zeal. It was specifically crafted with f e m i n i n e energies in mind & heart. We all have moments (sometimes weeks or more) where we simply are not attuned to our feminine nature, qualities or energies. Desdemona is here to support you in connecting with yourself and releasing your beautiful, feminine vibes.

Twisted Twigs hand-crafted oils smell the same in every bottle, however they do not necessarily smell the same on every person! Once applied, the oil mixes with your skin and natural aroma which creates your own personal redolence. The amazing thing about Desdemona is that she always creates a personalized blend of nectarous, honeyed and juicy. A quick warning to wearers: Desdemona will get you noticed!

Desdemona comes in a ½ glass vial with a screw top lid & parchment paper label. Desdemona contains essentials & essences, botanicals, flowers, resins, herbs & natural crystals with a base of organic coconut. If you have skin sensitivities it is always recommended that you test a small area first; Last but not least, enjoy!


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