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Brighid’s Elixir

Brighid's Elixir Spell Oil“Brighid is the all-provider, the nurturer, enabling the spirit to survive in bodily form”

Brighid goes by many names, including Lady of the Flame, Goddess of the Hearth, & Bright One. She is the goddess of Healing and Fire, and one of the most beloved goddesses of the Irish & Celtic alike. Brighid offers the healing vitality of the Sun while honing a union of both feminine and masculine energies, body and mind, and the union of polarities necessary for creation. Brighid encourages everyone, regardless of gender, to stir their inner cauldron of creativity that exists within.

Our Brighid’s Elixir can be called upon for spells involving healing, Inspiration, Creativity, Purity, Fertility, Abundance, and Renewal. Hand-crafted during the full moon with strong intentions of health and wellness, Brighid’s Elixir opens up your airways to invite healing and release sickness. Brighid can be used in various methods but on the forehead & pressure points is best, or warming when developing a head/chest illness.

Brighid’s Elixir is made with a secret blend of herbs, resins, essence oils and crystals including Sweetgrass, Dead Sea Salt, Lemongrass, Grapefruit, Elderberry, sweet marjoram, meadowsweet and bloodstone, a blend optimal for healing and renewal.

Our Spell Oils can be used for dressing spell candles, anointing crystals, electric/candle warmers, drops can be added to herbal blends & it can even be rubbed into mojo/spell bags; the possibilities are endless! You can also use Spell Oils as a magickal perfume or for ritual anointing.
If you have skin sensitivities it is always recommended to test on a small area before using a larger amount as these oils do contain herbs, flowers, & essential oils.

This oil comes packaged in a 1/2 ounce clear, glass vial with a screw-top cap & a parchment paper label.
Our base oil is Coconut oil with essential & essence oils, resins, flowers, herbs, botanicals as well as crystals in every blend.


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