Basic Witch Spell Oil



Basic Witch Spell Oil is October in a bottle.
You won’t be able to ignore her call.

The Witch’s Cupboard:
Handcrafted with both all-natural essential oils & high-grade essence oils.
Skin soaked in vanilla, she’s got hopes of drawing a fella.
Nutmeg dust in her shoes, he watches as she moves.
Dancing in pumpkin patch fields, she asked the moon to be healed.
Cinnamon tickled her nose, a flash of a handsome shadow.
He smelled like warm nutmeg, she knew she wouldn’t need to beg.

Herbs dancing in the background:
Stems from dried patchouli for a night of sensation.
A spoon full of chamomile to calm any nerve.
Crushed cinnamon stick invites happy thoughts.
A pumpkin seed to chase away any ill-filled wishes.
Chips of Goldstone to ground oneself.
Pieces of Black Tourmaline brings protection in the night.
Bits of Black Obsidian to keep those mischievous spirits at bay.
Last but not least a drop of Gold Tiger’s eye for some wicked energy.
& a drizzle of coconut oil to seal the deal.

Basic Witch Spell Oil comes handcrafted in 15 ml (½ oz) glass Boston round bottles.

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