Snake’s Skin



Snake’s Skin is a natural born healer.
She aims to kiss away the pain while biting back illness.
Mothering feels vibrate from her, she only wants to keep you better.

The Witch’s’ Cupboard:
Snake’s Skin Spell Bottle did her research in choosing 7 of the best herbs.
Setting her sights on the perfect bundle of lavender,
the stresses of illness will be nothing more than a passing traveler.
Buds of yarrow catch her golden eye,
hopes of good health are extremely high.
Mugwort guides her home safely,
it gives her the strength to heal daily.

 Glitter Dusting;
Her scales shine of gold.
Bringing energy so bright you need a blindfold.
A glisten of green peaks from behind,
all wellness is to be aligned.

Crystal Chips;

A twinkle can be seen in her Amber colored eyes,
a patient motivation never dies.
She curls around a warm Sunstone chip,
giving feels like you’re on a cruise ship.

Sealing it tight with orange wax to keep intents of healing warm.

Place Snake’s Skin Spell Bottle somewhere you will see her often.
Perhaps in your favorite window with the most sunlight.
Make a home for her in your bathrooms medicine cabinet.
Carry her with you to keep her healing close.
Use your intuition & let it guide you.

The use of this spell bottle is 100% personal & versatile.


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