Safekeeping Purple | Spell Oil |



Safekeeping Purple | Spell Oil |

1 of 3 in the Twigs’ protection Safekeeping Spell Oil line.
A magical experience happens every time the girls make a bottle.

Safekeeping PurpleThis spell oil has been crafted to work with our Safekeeping Purple Salt.
It has all the same properties & intent as the salt, there is even a tiny bit of the salt in the Spell Oil!

The Purple in Safekeeping:
Protection from unwanted influences.
Banish away anything un-serving.
Negativity is not welcome.
Purification of leftover energy.
Calm, comfort, peace.


The Witch’s Cupboard:
Handcrafted with both all-natural essential oils & high-grade essence oils.
Lavender fills this bottle with protection, wards off negativity, & brings purification.
Jasmine jumps in with calming energies leaving all anxieties at the train station.
Drips of sage welcome comfort & peace.
While leaves of Bay banish anything you need to release.

Herbs dancing in the background:
Lotus petals dance a calming dance.
Violets fall so purely, they leave you in a trance.
Sticks of patchouli banish negative wishes.
& lavender buds swirl with protection filled swishes.


Safekeeping Purple Spell Oil comes handcrafted in a 15 ml (½ oz) glass boston round bottle.


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