Lady Craft




Lady Craft

Lady Craft is sugar-coated spice,
take your time, but don’t think twice.

The Witch’s Cupboard:

Handcrafted with both all-natural essential oils & high-grade essence oils.
Spiced cranberries run in her veins,
she’s not here to play your games.
Cotton candy sticks to her like a stain,
holding her safe from any pain.
Pink lemonade dances on her tongue,
her powerful kiss keeps you young.

Herbs dancing in the background:

Her crown is made of glitter & roses,
she’s a little bossy & she knows it.
Baby’s breath are her favorite flowers,
they keep her company during the long hours.
Unicorn glitter falls from her stilettos,
watch as she leaves a visible echo.

& a drizzle of coconut oil to seal the deal.

Lady Craft perfume potion comes beautifully spilled into our luxurious ½ oz.  glass square bottles.


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