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Enchantress is a magical charmer; she’s patiently waiting for your senses to grow sharper.

The Witch’s Cupboard:

Handcrafted with both all-natural essential oils & high-grade essence oils.
She walks barefoot on the flowers,
she could swim in them for hours.
Her skin smells of sweet orchids,
like she’s slept in an enchanted forest.
Violets wrap around her finger,
her vanilla scent will linger.

Herbs dancing in the background:

She dances in Life Everlasting,
its warm honey encourages spell casting.
Baby’s Breath fall on her face,
wrapping her in soft lace.
She sits on puffs of moss,
throwing bits of sparkles at the loss.

& a drizzle of coconut oil to seal the deal.

Enchantress perfume potion comes beautifully spilled into our luxurious ½ oz.  glass square bottles.


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