Willamina’s Woodside Herbal Incense



Willamina’s Woodside is a mystical blend hand-crafted with botanicals, herbs and resins of Marshmallow, Motherwort, Myrrh, Olive Leaf and Pink Roses, to name a few. Promoting meditation, relaxation, positive vibes, connections with nature, honest communication and grasping pure and unadulterated happiness within oneself, Willamina was pondered and studied long before she was officially created.  This blend is woodsy with a hint of floral delight. A slow burning, sweetly calming blend that’s just plain good for the wandering soul.


Our herbal blends make the perfect addition to your magical cupboard and are wonderful multi-purpose blends to have on hand! You can use Twigs’ herbal blends for anything your imagination can think up. Some of the things we use our herbal blends for are:


  • Burned as an incense on a charcoal tab
  • Set out in a pretty bowl as a deliciously aromatic potpourri
  • Sprinkled about your home as a floor sweep
  • Stuffing Poppets, Mojo Bags, or Spell Satchets
  • Altar Sprinkle
  • Candle Dressing
  • Cauldron Simmer
  • Brewing your own spell oil, Floor washes, and Magical Vinegars
  • Bath Tea or add to Sea or Epsom sat as a ritual bath salt.
  • Cast into your ritual fire


Our herb blends come packaged in a 4 ounce (by volume) jar stuffed to the brim with our Willamina’s Woodside Herbal Blend with parchment paper label. Please note that these herb blends are for external use only and are not to be consumed.


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