White Sage Lollipop Bundle



White Sage Lollipop Bundle

White Sage has long been used in cleansing to help change or shift energy.
It has many uses & benefits in energy healing, ritual, metaphysical work as well as paranormal.

  • Both antimicrobial & antibacterial. Burn for an hour to decrease the level of airborne bacteria.
  • Clear negative energy that gathers in spaces such as your home or workspace.
  • It helps establish a positive environment.
  • Use the smoke to cleanse yourself or objects.
  • A great ally against stress, anxiety, depression & other mood disorders.
  • Keep nightmares & negative dreams from creeping in.
  • Strengthen intuition as well as increase focus.
  • Welcome in new, fresh & more positive energies.
  • Objects can become infused with the energy of the spaces they’ve been & the people that have owned them. Use White Sage to rid them of unwanted energies.

Cleansing your sacred space, home, office, or even your body is like taking an energetic shower.

 Our White Sage Lollipop bundles measure roughly 3-4″ long.


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