Pine & White Sage Bundle

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Pine & White Sage Bundle

The smokey scent of pine shows us how to ‘rise from the ashes.’
It teaches us the power of control, balance & moving beyond negativity.

  • Banish negative energy while summoning fierce & positive powers.
  • Protection against evil spirits.
  • Use in cleansing rituals for its rejuvenating properties.
  • Physically & emotionally healing.
  • Increases concentration while raising good vibes & releasing anger.
  • Bless new spaces while inviting positive energies in.
  • Boost self-confidence while repelling illness.

Cleansing your sacred space, home, office, or even your body is like taking an energetic shower.

Our Pine & White Sage bundles measure roughly 3-4″ long.

1 review for Pine & White Sage Bundle

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    Suz (verified owner)

    Cleansing. Grounding. And leaves your space smelling divine.

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