Dragon’s Blood Bundle



Dragon’s Blood Bundle

Once thought to be the blood of dragons that had perished in combat, Dragon’s Blood is really a hardened resin of certain trees found in India & Sumatra. It has a natural red pigment & a haunting, earthy fragrance. We like to describe it as “sexy” due to its enchanting scent & romantic qualities.

  • It provides protection & purification.
  • Banish & remove negative energies.
  • Bring in good luck.
  • Increase courage as well as the potency of magickal workings.
  • Aids in returning lost love.
  • Cleanse an area while energizing psychically, magickally & spiritually.

Cleansing your sacred space, home, office, or even your body is like taking an energetic shower.

Our Dragon’s Blood bundles measure roughly 3-4″ long.


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