Atmosphere Mist – Fire


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Fire Elemental Atmosphere Mist

~Energizing vibes~

Room spray, atmosphere mist, odor eliminator, whatever you want to call it, this is it.

Fire is the element that represents energy itself. Fire can present itself in a tiny flame or in an enormous, fiery celestial body. Fire is the only element that shines and while doing so, radiates energy in all directions. This atmosphere mist is intended to be used when you’re lacking energy, motivation, vigor & vim. It is also especially useful when your personal space is feeling dull and lack-luster. Give your space a spritz of this atmosphere mist and breathe in the undeniable energy boost.

Our Fire Element Atmosphere Mist is a positively engaging blend of Dragonsblood, Red Pepper, and Myrrh. Dragonsblood is lusty and energetic, speaking to the fire element as a dear, old friend. The ancient herb of Myrrh is a stimulant to both the psyche and physical body. We sprinkled in Organic Red Pepper to get just the right amount of spice & zest in our energizing tonic. The new and improved secret recipe provides deeper tones underneath the favored Fire element herbs, adding depth and extra energizing properties.

Each bottle of Fire Atmosphere Mist contains Garnets and  Sunstones within. Sunstone energizes all of the chakras, heightens the ability to let one’s true self shine through, and increases vitality. Garnet boosts energy levels and has also been known to enhance personal sexuality!

You will receive one 1 oz. glass bottle of freshly hand-crafted Fire Elemental Atmosphere Mist to use however and whenever you wish!


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