Atmosphere Mist – Earth


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Earth Elemental Atmosphere Mist

~Grounding vibes~

Room spray, atmosphere mist, odor eliminator, whatever you want to call it, this is it.

Earth is the element that forms the basis for all other elements. The element of Earth is fixed and unmovable, honing stability, security, and grounding. Though it may be the most complicated element, it is also one of the most important. This Atmosphere Mist is intended to be used in times of high stress and flighty thoughts and actions. It is especially useful in the cold, Winter months when you can’t go outside and plant your feet on the warm Earth, rather, we give Earth to you in this bottle.

Our Earth Element Atmosphere Mist is a positively refreshing blend of Patchouli, Oak, and Rosewood. Oak and Rosewood are inherent Earthy herbs that resonate warm, woodsy tones. Patchouli is a spicy wood herb that is most known for it’s grounding and calming properties. The new and improved secret recipe provides deeper tones underneath the favored Earth element herbs, adding depth and extra cleaning properties.

Each bottle of Earth Atmosphere Mist includes Malachite and Gray Moonstones within. Malachite is an unparalleled grounding stone that has a way of guarding from radiation and clearing electromagnetic pollution. Gray Moonstone is a stabilizing stone. It fixes imbalances be them external or internal.

You will receive one 1 oz. glass bottle of freshly hand-crafted Earth Elemental Atmosphere Mist to use however and whenever you wish!


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