Crystal Moon Water


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Crystal Moon Water

The Twigs girls put a lot of time into their moon water.
We handcrafted each bottle with Clear Quartz crystals to ensure their uniqueness as well as adding some amplified moon magic.

Crystal Moon Water

This not your average tap water; We consciously source natural spring water before charging it under at least one full moon cycle. Some bottles contain water that made it through several full moons.

Questions often roll in about what moon water actually is & what on Earth it is used for.
Let us be clear in saying: Just about anything.

  • Moon water is mostly used to cleanse & reset|recharge crystals & stones
  • Cleanse altars & altar tools
  • Use as a physical reset or calming method or anointment
  • Watering your plants
  • Add it to potions intended for intuition or reflection
  • It is even safe to drink. Get a little magical hydration by putting some moon water in a cup of herbal tea or coffee; Use Moon water (with or without herbs or frozen fruit) in an ice tray to make yourself a moon-energy filled ice-cold drink!

Like people & stones, water has the ability to absorb mother moon’s abundant energy rays, & when it does, you can use the energy stored in this water for whatever purpose you find. The possibilities, however, are virtually endless. The Twigs girls use their moon water to cleanse their many stones. It is also important to note that our moon water accompanies us through spell work, & different cycles of our lives. It is passionately cared for & maintained. We would love nothing else than to share our precious water with you.

Crystal Moon water comes in a 2 oz. black glass vial with a cork lid.
We’ve added a few clear quartz points to the bottle to amplify the energy stored inside.


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