Armored & Charged Herbal Vinegar



Armored & Charged Herbal Vinegar

As we know all too well, we sometimes stumble upon occasions and situations which require us to tap into the darker, more mysterious side of our practice. As unfortunate as it is, we sometimes become vulnerable to the soul-sucking energies which exist around us. They might be in our homes, in others’, in people or in things we cannot see. Armored & Charged Herbal Vinegar was created with specific and deep intent of personal protection.

A thrill-seeking friend of mine was going to stay the night in a haunted asylum and was concerned about bringing negative or hostile energies home with her. “Is there anything you can do besides keep your protection stones on hand?” She asked me, and I was bound to formulate a viable solution. Insert gobs of research & some trial & error procedures, and born is our exclusive and oneliest herbal vinegar.

While white vinegar in itself is a natural deterrent of negative vibrations, we’ve packed natural white vinegar with a proprietary blend of herbs & oils which have been known and used for centuries in certain cultures as “keep away” herbs.

Anise – Basil – White Sage – Clove – Coriander – Motherwort – Rosemary – Mugwort – Rue – Thyme – Valerian Root – St. Johns Wort – Juniper – Clary Sage – Patchouli –

All of the herbs in this vinegar blend are specifically noted to repel negative vibrations, energies & beings from entering your space. Here’s some ideas of how to use Armored & charged:

  • Sprinkle herbal vinegar around your safe space; you can even cast a circle, similarly to salt.
  • Sprinkle herbal vinegar in your windowsills and doorways with intent to keep negativity out, even while letting people in.
  • Pour a little bit into your bath water when you’re feeling particularly negative; emotionally, mentally or spiritually. The essential oils in this vinegar will do nothing but satisfy you in a warm bath while the vinegar works to cleanse you of negativity and cynicism.
  • Anoint yourself (wrists, ankles, neck, belly, feet) prior to being around large groups of people in an effort to not absorb all of their energies.

It is difficult to describe a sensory profile for Armored & Charged. It is strong and robust. It does smell like vinegar, but you immediately feel the warmth of Patchouli & Clary Sage when deeply inhaling its goodness.

Armored & Charged Herbal Vinegar comes in a 4 oz. clear glass bottle with a screw-top lid & parchment paper label. Armored & Charged also comes with with a hand-stamped black wax rose seal.


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