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The King’s Beard Oil

Marcellus beard oil prides himself on his cool as peppermint demeanor,
he’ll hit you like an unexpected fever.
You’ll find him surrounded in the company of tobacco & rum,
he dares you to change the outcome.
You can rely on the witches to burn rosemary,
Marcellus holds his court safe in their sanctuary.

In the simplest of words, beard oil helps with beard maintenance.
Turn your rough straw-like strands into a soft manageable man mane.
Remember, a healthy beard starts with healthy skin. By using beard oil daily, your skin will be protected from environmental factors as well as prepped & primed to produce the healthiest looking beard. With regular use, you’ll be able to eliminate split ends, breakages & itchiness. You’ll also get the bonus of looking more polished & presentable.

 The Witch’s Cupboard:

Marcellus swirls in a carefully measured base of 3 important oils.

Ensures hair growth.
Strengthens & reduces breakage.
Lightweight with a non-greasy feel.
Moisturizing & fast absorbing.

Often called “Liquid Gold”.
Reduces itchiness.
Tames frizz.
Hydrates the skin.

Eliminates beardruff.
Restores skin’s natural pH level.
High in amino acids & proteins.
Reduces inflammation.

Marcellus Beard Oil comes hand-blended in a 1 oz. black glass dropper bottle.
Each oil is made thoughtfully by hand.


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