Smoky Quartz



Smoky Quartz

Stone of Power.
Smoky Quartz is used as an amulet of protection.
Guard your home & possessions against damage, theft as well as accidents.

A great stone for pain relief.
It is beneficial for headaches, muscle spasms & cramps.
Strengthens the back & supports nerve tissue.
A particularly effective stone for the abdomen, hips & legs.
Also, extremely useful for removing electromagnetic energy.

[Emotional | Spiritual]
An excellent stone for grounding.
Strongly protective & improves survival instincts.
Use as an amulet for absorbing bad vibrations of energy.
Relieve painful emotions as well as sucking up toxic energy.
Offers clarity & insight while dispelling nightmares, freeing you to manifest your dreams.

Scorpio & Capricorn ♥ Root Chakra


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