Rose Quartz | Mini Palm Stone



Rose Quartz | Mini Palm Stone

Rose Quartz is the “stone of universal love”.

Strengthens & balances the physical heart & circulatory system.
Speeds recovery.
Reduces high blood pressure.
Aids chest & lung issues.
Heals the kidneys & adrenals.
Alleviates vertigo.
Protects both a mother & unborn child during pregnancy.
Known to help heal breast cancer & as well as support healing with most other cancers.
Eases problems with sexual frustration & balances sex drive.
Aids reproductive or menstrual issues.
Used to remove scars, clear up the skin, reduce wrinkles & give a soft, glowing complexion.

[Emotional | Spiritual]
Rose Quartz Mini Palm Stones have high energy, but its vibe is calm & soothing.
Restores trust & harmony in relationships.
Promotes love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing & feelings of peace.
Dispels negativity & protects against environmental pollution.
Encourages self-forgiveness & acceptance invoking self-trust & self-worth.
Clears out anger, jealousy & resentment of others.
Can help heal a broken heart, releasing pent-up emotions & grief.
Aids depression, insomnia & other mental issues.
Stimulates intellect & imagination.
Bring more love & laughter into your life.

Taurus & Libra ♥ Heart Chakra


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