The Rainforest Stone.
Rhyolite is full of gentle & earthy vibes which all point to positivity at its purest.

Renewal & rejuvenation of skin & other tissue,
Anti-aging (keep one under your pillow).
Helpful in the treatment of veins.
Improves the assimilation of B vitamins.
Useful in dissolving kidney stones & softening hardened tissue.
*Use as an elixir to strengthen & improve muscle tone.
An overall healer & supports well-being.
May be helpful in the treatment of sugar levels, diabetes & hypoglycemia.

[Emotional | Spiritual]
Ignites the potential & creativity of the soul.
Rhyolite encourages fun, freedom, & uninhibited nature.
Fosters self-esteem, an increase of self-worth & acceptance of your true self.
Stimulates creative expression & the ability to express your truth while speaking about difficult topics.
Excellent support for procrastinations & those who need help completing projects.

Gemini, Sagittarius & Aquarius ♥ Heart Chakra


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