Rhodochrosite is the Stone of Compassionate Heart.

Regulate & stabilize the heartbeat while balancing blood pressure.
Treat the reproductive system & sexual disorders, as well as the circulatory & nervous systems.
Alleviate migraines & ease physical withdrawal from substance addictions.
Rhodochrosite soothes skin disorders, thyroid imbalances, as well as intestinal issues.
It also helps the body eliminate toxins effectively, which promotes regularity & flushing the intestines.

[Emotional | Spiritual]
Stimulates love & passion while energizing the soul.
Like your own personal Cupid, Rhodochrosite attracts love.
Lift depression & encourage a positive, cheerful outlook while dissolving old emotional wounds.
Improves self-worth & soothes emotional stress.
A stone that supports creativity & self-confidence.
It also aids a broken heart.

Leo & Scorpio | Solar Plexus & Heart Chakras


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