Nuummite is the “Magician’s Stone”.
Black as midnight shadows on moonlit water, this talisman shimmers with mystical gold light, lifting the murky to see what lies beneath.

A source of energy for the body, it is also useful in over-all healing.
Relieve pain & discomfort associated with headaches & degenerative disease.
Use to purify the blood & kidneys as well as alleviate infections that are slow to heal.
Aids blood pressure, fainting & dizziness.
Stimulate circulation while strengthening the triple-burner meridian.
Also, it assists in the recovery of Parkinson’s disease & disorders of the central nervous system.

[Emotional | Spiritual]
A strong protection & grounding stone.
Enhance intuition & psychic abilities.
Maintains a harmony of our dark & light sides.
Stimulates intellect while enhancing mental abilities.

Sagittarius ♥ Root Chakra


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