Moss Agate



Moss Agate

Moss Agate is the “Stone of New Beginnings”.

Speeds recovery from illness as well as acts as an anti-inflammatory.
Cleanses the circulatory & elimination systems.
Boosts the immune system which treats infections, colds & the flu.
Prevents hypoglycemia & dehydration.
Treats fungal & skin infections.
Also benefits overall health & well-being.

[Emotional | Spiritual]
Holds a gentle, nurturing energy.
Vibrates at a lower intensity & slower frequency while refreshing the soul.
Enables one to see the beauty in all they behold.
Attracts abundance as well as improves self-esteem.
Develops strength & ability to get along with others.
Improves brain activity, focus & analytical energies.
Boosts optimism & creativity as well as grounding.

Virgo ♥ Heart Chakra


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