Iron Pyrite | Raw



Iron Pyrite | Raw

A happy & energetic vibration.
Iron Pyrite is a protective stone that keeps your good vibes safe.

Aids in purifying the body of infections while strengthening the auto-immune system.
Reduce the effects of pollution on our physical body, especially in terms of asthma & second-hand smoke.
Commonly used as a fertility stone.
Also promotes general physical vitality & health.

[Emotional | Spiritual]
This stone gifts strength & will-power to overcome struggles.
Attract abundance & prosperity on all levels.
Evokes courage & strength in order to face emotional demons.
Releases any negative energy, particularly fear, caught in our emotional bodies.
Helps gain a more joyful & fulfilling life.
Increase self-confidence while encouraging us to be more extroverted & social.
Very soothing energy for the mind.

Leo ♥ Solar Plexus Chakra


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