Chrysocolla| Large




Chrysocolla | Large

Chrysocolla is known as the Goddess Stone.
It helps us to embrace the divine feminine through strong communication as well as self-expression.

Ease arthritis, rheumatism & menstrual pains.
Treat high blood pressure & Restless Leg Syndrome while preventing ulcers.
Aids the hips, joints, muscles, as well as the pancreas & thyroid.
Also, increases lung capacity.

[Emotional | Spiritual]
Chrysocolla is a woman’s stone, aiding female issues & increasing female sexuality.
A good stone for stress, tension & grief.
Spark creativity.
Helps heal the planet by rebalancing the Earth’s natural energy.
Revitalize relationships.
Also, helps mend a broken heart.

Taurus, Gemini & Virgo ♥ Heart Chakra


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