Black Obsidian | Mini Palm Stone




Black Obsidian | Mini Palm Stone

The Mirror Stone.
Black Obsidian can be very intense & one must be ready to face their issues when working with it.
It is born quickly out of cooled lava from volcanoes which gives it strong energy.

Aids digestion & detoxification.
Reduces arthritis & joint pains as well as benefit muscle tissue.
Warms the extremities.
Eases gallbladder issues.
Lowers high blood pressure.
Aids bacterial or viral infections.
Draws out the stress & tension of the body.

[Emotional | Spiritual]
A strongly protective stone, shielding against all forms of negativity.
Black Obsidian draws out mental stress.
Helps one know who they truly are while increasing self-control.
A powerful & creative stone.
Works quickly to move truths to the surface & be resolved.
Cut through the drivel, shatter illusions & uncover lies.
A stone all about self-growth.
*Cleanse this stone regularly.

Scorpio & Sagittarius ♥ Root Chakra


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