Apatite helps us to laugh more, & dispel the darkness.

Stimulate healthy eating habits & repair damage to metabolism & teeth.
Helps with posture, arthritis, & joint problems.
Increases the healing speed for broken bones
Soothes headaches as well as eye problems.

[Emotional | Spiritual]
A stone for happy inspiration & manifestation.
Helps reverse feelings of apathy, irritability, & emotional exhaustion.
Encourages us to live outside of the box, to try new things & be open to variety & spontaneity.
Stimulates creativity & intellect.
A wonderful dream stone, encouraging lucid dreaming.
Particularly supportive for anyone who is involved in social work, charity work, or has dedicated their life to public service.
Apatite clears away mental confusion so we can focus on whatever is most important.

Gemini ♥ Third-Eye Chakra


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