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Amazonite is the Stone of Hope.

Reduce tension in the body.
Treat menstrual cramps as well as easing the pain of childbirth.
Amazonite is a wonderful stone for general health maintenance & preventive care.
Help the body better absorb calcium while guarding against osteoporosis.
Also use to treat adrenal glands, the brain, heart & liver.

[Emotional | Spiritual]
A calming stone that helps balance out mood extremes.
Enhances all communications concerning love as well as male|female energies.
Particularly good for helping create & maintain healthy boundaries.
Encourages problem-solving by uniting logic & intuition.
Sooth mental irritations while speeding up the process of intellectually working through emotional issues.

Virgo ♥ Heart & Throat Chakras

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Large Palm Stone, Tumbled Stone


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