Baby, he’s a pro at letting go.
He loves it when they come & go.

He’ll write XO on your wrist,
You know he won’t stay on the waiting list.

The Witch’s Cupboard:

Handcrafted with both all-natural essential oils & high-grade essence oils.
He always smells of sweet leather,
His voice leaves you feeling light as a feather.
The absent burns like a campfire,
your heart will hang from his wire.
Musky kisses linger on your cheek,
are you wondering how he made you so weak?

Herbs dancing in the background:

3 Oak Chips start the flame,
he only leaves you with a pen name.
He’ll write love letters from his patchouli pen,
“see you soon”, but you don’t know when.
Puffs of Green Moss in the shape of hearts,
a gift before he parts.
& a drizzle of coconut oil to seal the deal.

XO comes beautifully spilled into our ½ oz. glass rollerball bottles.
*The rollerball is metal for extra comfort & easy application.


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