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Bath time becomes a little more magical every day♥

Our butter brews are hand-whipped in small batches with only the highest quality ingredients. Thick, creamy and luxurious, you won’t soon put down this foaming, buttery goodness. Use in the bath, shower, or even keep it by your sink for when your tired hands need a little extra moisture and softness.

Night Vibes: For those in need of a long, calming and rejuvenating silk bath. Night Vibes is a carefully hand-crafted blend of Lavender and Vanilla. This butter brew works to wash away stress and overactive body & mind while nourishing your skin. Show yourself some love and lather up in Night Vibes butter brew.

Your butter brew will be hand-crafted when ordered. You will receive an 8 oz. glass jar filled to the brim with Night Vibes Butter Brew. While our butter brews look good enough to eat, we can assure you that they aren’t. Use to your heart’s content and reuse your jar however you see fit ♥


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