Candied Conjuring | Butter Brew |



Candied Conjuring
| Sugared Butter Brew |

An all-around fall time pleasure.
Candied Conjuring is exfoliating & moisturizing while enticing with the scent of warm, sugary sweets.

Candied Conjuring

What makes this butter brew special is the nostalgic blend of Turkish mocha, vanilla oleoresin, gingerbread & autumn spices. Your skin will be drinking a gingerbread latte whilst sitting on a bed of finely ground mocha.. or will it be drinking a mocha latte in a ripe pumpkin patch?

Either way.

This butter brew is a witchy woman’s bath time dream. The whipped gingerbread mocha goodness is swoon-worthy to the senses. It is also a healthy alternative to binging on your favorite holiday cakes (which is admittedly quite alright sometimes).

Candied Conjuring Butter Brew comes freshly whipped into an 8 oz. glass jar complete with a screw-top lid.
Let its glorious smell smoother you in fall time love, my witch.


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