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Sitting & watching this batch of Lavendula Oil brew for 5 weeks was no easy task!

It’s really as simple as it sounds. Organic Coconut Oil was infused with just the right blend of Lavender & Calendula & the rest is history. This particular batch got to soak up all the Wolf Moon & Snow Moon vibes while perched among the plant friends it made along the way. Upon completion, each bottle of Lavendula body oil is spiced with only the slightest hint of  Bulgarian Lavender & organic Calendula essential oils.

Lavendula adapts to your needs. This makes the perfect earthy after-shower oil or massage oil. It can further be used on extra dry or irritated skin spots, scars, sore muscles, & even rubbed into chests/necks as a sleepy time aid.

Lavendula body oil comes packaged in a 4 oz. black glass bottle with a pump top. Use to your hearts content.



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