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Hella Hydration

Hella Hydration was born out of hella necessity. Dry skin, especially in the harsh winter months,
is just too common to have not been solved; so here’s the solution ♥
This is a two-step infusion of sweet-moisturizing relief that when used twice daily, WILL give you hydration that lasts. Hella Hydration should be the LAST step of your morning & nighttime routine.

Step One (2 oz): Call it an unconventional glow serum.
Our skin just has a way of drinking up rosehip oil. & who can blame it? Hydrating, brightening, collagen boosting, & toning rosehip oil brings the nourishment your face is begging for. Step one also offers a generous dose of aloe vera, small batch rose hydrosol, and essentials of chamomile, geranium, copaiba & a couple secret ingredients for extra glow.
Apply one dropper-full directly to face.

Step Two (2 oz): Lock in liquid
Step two is a hand poured bottle of carefully steeped herbal waters. This sublimely floral elixir soothes skin & locks in that glow serum. Drizzle a dropper-full into your hands & apply to face; a refreshing & hydrating coolness will fall upon dewy skin.

If you’ve been struggling with dry & unruly skin, Hella Hydration might just be what you’ve been searching for.

2 reviews for Hella Hydration | Hydrating Elixir |

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    Hella Hydration has done wonders for my dry skin throughout these long winter months. I use every night before bed to allow my skin to soak it all in! I haven’t had any dry skin since using. It’s even improved the appearance of my wrinkles! Magical elixir right here!!!

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    Hayley James

    The lovely ladies of Twisted Twigs have made another wonderful skin care product! This incredible two part system, hella hydration, really kisses the dry skin good bye. I work in health care and with having to wear face masks for so many hours a week, it has wreaked havoc on my poor skin. After adding this to my skin care routine, it’s made such an improvement. The fine lines and “wrinkles” around my mouth and eyes are gone when I use this product. If you’re interested in taking care of your skin, this is certainly worth the investment.

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