Whispers of Wallflowers | Whipped Soap |


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Whispers of Wallflowers
| Whipped Soap |

She lounges in the clouds, high & spry.
With champagne & baby’s breath,
She’s a sunflower in the sky.
Strawberry leaves bring nourishing peace.
Sagebrush and pink roses sweep her up in sweet release.
Agave & Moscato are her delights indeed
Whispers of Wallflowers is for wise visionaries
with inklings of playful, magical healing.

The enchanting energies of the element of Air bring freedom, harmony, inspiration, healing, learning, release, beginnings, visions, motivation, and organization.

Our whipped soaps are a  thick & creamy alternative to bar soap or liquid body wash.  Made with all natural, skin-loving ingredients. Using as  a daily wash will leave your temple soft, moisturized & squeaky clean. This 8 oz. jar of whipped, soapy goodness is infused with organic coconut oil & our Whispers of Wallflowers elemental spell oil.


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